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Flaring 14 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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Engine bay with heater removed

5th November 2005

The poly link pin bushes arrived the day after I ordered them, which was good. I bought a couple of oil filters, a new battery -ve cable, some oil, DOT 4 brake and clutch fluid and some screen wash yesterday and I only went for some imperial sized spanners, which I also got. I spent about four hours on the car this morning and got quite a lot done. I removed the heater housing and flushed out the heater matrix. I renovated the fresh air vents, one had a choke cable operating it, I used bits from the vents I bought on Ebay and I still have one spare. I cleared the drain hoses from the fresh air intake which were full of debris. I replaced the windscreen washer piping that had rotted. I had previously discovered that the choke was stuck, investigating a bit more, I found that a vent cable had been substituted for the choke cable! Having just gained a choke cable I put it in its proper place. I used a cable oiler to oil the cables to the carburettors and boy was that a messy business. However the lever that connects the main cable to the two cables going to the carbs is incredibly stiff and does not seem to be removeable so I am going to have to fix that before the choke will work properly. I removed the fuel hoses so I could measure and get replacements. Some previous owner had replaced the hard line that should run from the tank to the engine bay with rubber hose, so I had better learn how to bend and flare pretty quickly so I can recreate that line. I put on the new radiator cap and reattached the expansion bottle to the radiator with the new hose and found that the bottom radiator hose I had been sent was the wrong one. My car has an oil cooler and the bottom radiator hose is a three way affair with the third, smaller pipe leading to the oil cooler but I had been sent a simple elbow without the pipe to the oil cooler.

New radiator cap and thermostat housing


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