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Imperial 14 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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Stub of hard line and connector

8th November 2005

Naturally I have now discovered the kunifer, clips and connector I ordered from Automec are all wrong, I am still trying to determine exactly what I need, the 15mm spanner to undo it appears to be a complete red herring as I now believe it may be an imperial sized fitting. As you can see from the image above, the connector and stub of hard line are in a pretty poor state and that’s my excuse for not being able to easily determine what it is. Talked to Brookhouse about the two radiator hoses yesterday, apparently the upper hose just needs cutting down. The suppliers have started to supply the same hose for the B20 and B18 engines, and the B20 takes a longer hose, so B18 owners have to cut it down. The lower hose went back and will be replaced with the correct one to connect to the oil cooler. The heater valve is due in this country imminently and will be sent on. I asked for a heater unit drain hose as well. A discussion on the 1800list has highlighted the fact that I am missing a plastic ‘scuttle’ from the fresh air intake and I was slightly miffed that one came up on Ebay but sold within a matter of hours before I could get to it. Looking at other pictures of 1800s on the net, it looks like the vacuum servo brake unit I have is not an original part but as I am not going for a completely stock rebuild it can stay as it is for now. If I come across the correct one at some point I may replace it as it does mildly irritate me.


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