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Inside the tank 14 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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29th October 2005

Today I look inside the petrol tank and decide that it is looking absolutely fine so I have now decided against using the POR15 tank repair kit. I take the radiator out instead and find that there was indeed coolant in the engine, well at least there was some rust coloured liquid. I still cannot get the radiator cap off even with a rubber strap wrench and I am afraid that more forceful methods will not only damage the cap but may also damage the radiator so I have left it soaking in penetrating oil overnight. As there was liquid in the coolant system I know that it does not leak, at least not when cold. I have replaced the hose to the expansion tank (which was empty, I guess it emptied out through the rotten hose) so all it should now need is flushing out. Unfortunately the car is in the garage which is in a separate block and I cannot get a hose to it, so I shall be working out by carrying buckets of water. Oh and working out why the heater valve was bypassed and putting that right and all new hoses and possibly a thermostat and not forgetting filling up with clean new coolant afterwards.


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