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Parts not delayed 14 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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12th November 2005

Brookhouse Volvo did me proud as their delivery arrived first thing this morning. I now have the correct lower radiator hose, heater drain hose and heater valve so I can re-instate the whole coolant system now at last. The correct connector to mate to the one on the tank also arrived this morning. For the record the thread is 1/2inch UNF 20 and the pipe is 5/16od. I spent the morning removing the fuel tank and sloshing some ‘Marine Clean’ around inside to get rid of the varnish and other gunk. I also took the top off the fuel pump and removed the debris from the screen. I discovered that the heater housing drain hose has a plastic plug in the top that I nearly destroyed in removing it, but it helps to keep the hose in place, fortunately it was salvageable and is now happily seated in the new hose. I re-assembled and fitted the heater housing as well but did not fit all the new pipes as I decided to buy all new pipe clips and now I am glad that I got no further with that. After some discussion about what to do with the sensor tube from the heater valve it seems that it goes through a gap in the seam of the two halves of the heater housing, which I must admit I have not found yet, so I may have to remove the housing again in order to fit it correctly. I bought the pipe clips, some ss braided fuel hose to go from the pump to the carbs, some plain fuel hose to join the hard line to the pump, a fuel filter and a fan belt. I put the battery on charge as it still seems to have some life in it.


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