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Rusty box 14 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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Corroded base of battery box

27th October 2005

I attempt to put some antifreeze in but give it up as I cannot get the radiator cap off. I use a soft brush to dislodge some more of the leaves etc in the engine bay, most of it is gone now and looking better for it (see below). I notice the battery box is just about completely destroyed by rust (see above) and that the fresh air vent is not closing on the passenger side. I manage to buy a pair of vents on Ebay as well as some poly bushings. Still cannot find the VIN. Looking at pictures on the web I decide that the worrisome pipe is in fact the heater control valve and should indeed have hoses attached. Lots of the hoses under the bonnet are looking the worse for wear including the fuel pipes so I think I shall have to replace them all. When I get home the POR15 tank repair kit from Frost has arrived so if I have time over the weekend I shall start the process. I also ordered a pair of chrome air filter housings from Gower and Lee that have a washable foam element inside for less than the cost of the Volvo elements and they would need replacing after 12,000 miles or so.


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