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Glow 21 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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30th December 2005

The choke cable, carburettor gasket sets and rocker cover gasket arrive from Brookhouse this morning. Finally I have a template that I can use to drill the third mounting hole in the chrome air filters I have. Once mounted I should be able to choose which of the various pipe fitings I have to use as the ventilation connector. Last night I managed to remove the splined hubs from the old wiper arms so I should be able to refit them soon. It was quite a job working out how to do it without damaging either the hubs (well not too much anyway) or the wiper arms. I used a number 4 pan-head screw with the head inserted through the centre hole and gripped and pulled with a pair of pliers. I also used the tang of an old file to lever upwards whilst the wiper arm was clamped in place. The day before yesterday I fixed some of the electrical issues as well. The single fuse holder was corroded and not making contact which stopped the rear lights and side lights from working. The rear indicators were also not working, one side was just a blown bulb but the other was a corroded socket. This last I have still not fully fixed as the earth return is not very good to the chassis which makes the the other lights in the cluster glow with the indicator.


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