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Movement 21 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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23rd December 2005

The order from GCP was almost a complete waste of time. The hubs for the wiper arms are too big for the spindles. I ordered the wrong gaskets for the carburettors. I wanted the ones for the air filter but ordered the ones for the manifold. Still the fuses should be OK. The SU carburettor owners manual arrived as did the skin fitting which has the right size hose fitting but may be too big to fit without interference. The order from Brookhouse has not arrived yet but I guess I will have to wait until after Christmas to follow that one up. I did have some success today though. I bled the clutch system and then gave the idle screws a turn and a half. This meant that on starting the engine it would actually idle without stalling. I then stopped the engine and put the car in gear. Putting my foot on the clutch pedal I then started the car. There was a bit of a jolt and a nasty noise and then the engine fired up and ran. Letting the clutch out I found that I could actually move the car under its own power!


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