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Strained 21 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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9th December 2005

Looking at the rear air filter I see that the hole for the breather is too close to the flattened part of the ‘D’ so is not really viable. So I have been spending my spare time buying spigots and elbows and tank connectors from plumbing suppliers in the hope of finding something that will work from the front carburettor’s air filter. I think I have now found something on a site for water cooling systems for computers where they called it a hose tail! I also have a spigot that will work but only if I cut a new hole for it. I did a compression test this morning: 130, 165, 170, 180. So #1 is a bit low, but not disastrously. I will check the valve clearances once I get a rocker cover gasket but that will probably be after I try starting it. I also noticed some coolant seeping from the radiator top tank on either side of the hose connector. I guess I strained it a bit getting the old hose off. Still it may well just solder up again. I also replaced the vacuum hoses from the manifold to the brake booster and the oil trap.


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