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Unsecured 21 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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27th November 2005

I am starting to make real progress now and reduce the size of the pile of new parts. I fitted the new heater valve with its gasket, which I tore while trying to get it on – ho hum. Then came the lower radiator hose and heater hoses. Finally I tightened the bolts on the thermostat housing and started to fill with coolant. All went well until the coolant started to leak from the thermostat housing to head joint. So I had to loosen it off again and reseat the thermostat and seal. The head is a bit corroded there so I am a bit worried about how well it will seal under pressure but I’ll wait and see on that I think. This time when I topped up the coolant there were no leaks. I had left the long hose to the top connection on the heater valve loose to allow air out but as this point is higher than the radiator cap no coolant got that high. I hope that running the engine will get rid of any potential air lock there. I also put the end of the heater valve sensor tube through the hole into the heater housing and connected up the three control cables to the valve and vents. The outer sheath of the valve control cable is not secured properly at the control end so that will need sorting at some point as it prevents full movement currently due to slipping.


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