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Clunk 23 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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17th June 2006

Went for a ride in the car today. Noticed a clunk coming from under the car on rare occasions. I will have to check out the centre support bearing carrier as I think it is the prop-shaft hitting the floor but I can’t be sure yet. I applied a heat gun to the glued on window winder this morning and managed to remove it without doing any obvious damage to the winder nor the door panel which is a big relief. I still have to remove the rest of the glue from the inside of the winder before I can refit it but that should not be too hard. I spent some of my birthday money on a new cordless drill that has three batteries and I put it to good use this afternoon cleaning out the channel round the boot opening but I still only managed three out of the four sides, there was a lot of rust and bodyfiller to remove. I think I may actually have to remove the boot lid to get at the top edge. I have now bought or ordered top and bottom ball joints and polyurethane bushings all round to give the front suspension a complete going over. The rear will be done later although I did win a new pair of trailing arm bushes (the big ones) cheaply on eBay the other day. They are over £40 each in polyurethane so I’ll stick with these rubber ones. Noticed that the passenger seatbelt storage hook has fallen off and I can’t find it which is a pain.


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