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Correct thermostat 23 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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Previous and wrong thermostat

New, correct thermostat

15th July 2006

Today I replaced the thermostat with a correct one. As you can see from the photo’s above the old one (top photo’) was wrong in four different ways. First of all and most importantly it does not have the disc that extends down to block the radiator bypass when the thermostat opens. Secondly it is a 80 degree ‘stat instead of the correct 77 degree one. Thirdly it is actually too small. Finally it is missing the small hole with the loose, weighted pin in it that helps with bleeding the air out of the system when you fill it amongst other things. I hoped that this would cure it but when I ran the engine, again the level in the reservoir bottle rose almost to the top at which point I turned the engine off. Now this may just have been due to trapped air in the system, but to be sure I decided to swap the water pump and check for any blockages. This would also allow me to fit the chrome lower radiator pipe I bought at the Volvo national. Swapping the water pump was relatively painless although I have not been able to refill with coolant yet and see how it behaves. There was nothing obviously wrong with the old pump so I will just have to presume I had trapped air in the system and will try harder to bleed it all out when I fill it again. I will also only fill the reservoir bottle to the minimum level to give the maximum amount of room for any expansion if I don’t manage to get all the air out.


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