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Film 23 November 2009

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18th March 2006

I managed to find an excuse to take the car out for a little spin last weekend as well as today. I’ll have to get new front tyres soon as the ones on there are cracking a bit from age and sun I think. For the insurance to get agreed value cover I have to provide some photos taken on a 35mm camera as digital ones are not acceptable. So I bought some T-cut and today I removed the worst of the rust stains from the driver’s side where rusty water from the doors had left tracks on the paintwork. I also dug the hub caps out of the garage and put them on. Then I had to dig out my old SLR and put a film in it. I finished the whole film on the car so I could send it off for developing. Unfortunately as it is real film I can’t put the photos up here yet to show it in its present state. Most of the paintwork is still a mess, rust bubbles, chips and assorted marks and the bumpers are still rusty. Speaking of bumpers I got a set from eBay that are actually correct for the year. They need a fair amount of work to sort them out before fitting though as they are also pretty rusty and they had to use a gas torch to cut the bolts off to get them apart. I also bought a pair of door mirrors and fog lamps from eBay. I know I should finish off sorting out the paintwork and the engine before I do anything else but I’m a sucker for a bargain.


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