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Flat battery 23 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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25th February 2006

I took the family out for a drive today. The battery had gone flat so I did not want to risk turning the engine off after jump starting it with some borrowed jump leads. The excuse for the drive was to drop my youngest daughter off at a party. While waiting for my wife to return to the car I had the bonnet up and noticed air bubbles being drawn into the fuel filter. This was a bit odd as I didn’t think that it should be running out of petrol yet, but with the dodgy fuel gauge I thought I had better fill up in any case. So of course I had to stop the engine while filling the tank. I could only get a bit over 23 litres in, so there had been plenty of petrol in the tank and needn’t have bothered filling it up at all. This was after about 20 minutes driving so I hoped the battery would have been charged enough by then. No such luck, when I turned the key to start there was just a faint click. I bought some jump leads from the garage and flagged down a friendly motorist to start it again. A bit of an adventure but it was OK in the end. While poking around under the bonnet I noticed oil being expelled from the filler cap so I think either the PCV valve is blocked or the oil trap. I’ll have to clean them out before it blows a seal. The choke is still too stiff to come off after use so I have to open the bonnet and push the linkage back after it has warmed up. I also bought some paint stripping tools and some primer as well so I can start addressing some of the rusty paint work. I also have a Waxoyl kit to apply as well. I am becoming daunted again by just how much work there is still to do. I think I shall be busy for a few years yet.


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