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New battery 23 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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1st March 2006

I spent some time with the car on Sunday. I attempted to take the flame trap apart in the oil cap but the two halves of the case were too tightly joined to part company from each other. So instead I just sprayed it full of carb cleaner. I also discovered that I had the PCV valve back to front. The PCV valve and oil trap also got a good dosing of carb cleaner so I hope that will see an end to the oil being expelled from the cap. Listening to the engine running it sounds a bit like a sewing machine which I believe is the noise you get from badly adjusted valves. I found that the instrument lights came on when I twisted the lighting knob all the way anti-clockwise, the opposite way to how I would expect. The passenger door is not latching shut properly so I attempted to remove the door trim to get at the lock mechanism only to find that a PO had glued the window winder handle on – I was not happy about discovering that. Monday I removed the battery and put it on charge for a bit but I then decided that it had at least one shorted cell and so I have bought a new one. The local car parts place had one the same size on the shelf and it even had the terminals the right way round which was good, the price and only getting a two year guarantee were not so good though.


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