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Double flares 29 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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26th September 2006

I painted the brake drums with high heat paint which turned out to be a very matt black, I had expected it to be gloss but never mind. I disconnected the shock absorbers again and dropped the axle until the prop shaft was resting on the bottom of the tunnel in an attempt to remove the springs and seats but that was not enough. I gave the axle a going over with a wire brush until I got bored, which did not take too long, and then slapped some Hammerite over it. Having reconnected the shock abosrbers I just need to reassemble the brakes and hubs etc and tighten up all the bushings bolts and I could be driving the car again. Of course that also includes replacing the hard brake lines which will mean learning how to do double flares which could be interesting. It looks like an old repair failed to replace the captive nut for the axle limiting strap on the off side which is why they were missing from my car. So it looks like a quick trip to the welder may be on the cards to get that sorted.


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