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Out of line 29 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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5th November 2007

I drove the car a bit more over the summer which was good although it still sounds a bit rough and I noticed noise coming from the drivetrain as well. I now have the car up on jack stands. The new impact wrench undid the pinion flange with no bother at all. When I removed the old oil seal I felt that the pinion had a bit too much movement in it which I thought might be the cause of the drivetrain noise. So I now have a spare rear axle on hand and I will see what the movement of the pinion is like on that one. I also intend to replace all the universal joints and centre bearing and carrier on the propshaft so that came out as well. I undid the big nut on the propshaft before removing it but I had to remove the starter and jam a screwdriver into the ring gear to do it. The centre bearing carrier was rotten and had torn through almost half way round. The rubbber gaiter protecting the sliding joint was missing and to cap it all the sliding joint had been put back together 90 degrees out of line which may have been the cause of the drivetrain noise. Some serious rust found in the front chassis members which may well need sorting before the next MOT. Maybe I’ll save up for a MIG welder.



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