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Rubbing 29 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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17th July 2006

I gave the car a wash today, it was a bit grimy but there were some patches that never got washed after all the welding so it was good to get rid of them. I fitted the new rubber straps in the rear seat frame as well. I also found the passenger side seat belt hanger while I was poking around inside the car, I don’t know how I missed it before. I had a little look under the car to see if I could work out where the thump that I sometimes get is coming from. I don’t think it is suspension so that leaves either the exhaust or the propeller shaft. The exhaust seems to be held fairly solidly. The centre support bearing is a bit loose in the frame but I am not sure if it is that loose. I’ll have to jack the back of the car up sometime and see if I can check it all out a bit better. While under the car I did notice that the torque arms seem to have the incorrect bushings in them and they are both rubbing the inside of the mountings, possibly because the bushings are not holding them in place correctly. Fortunately I did recently buy a pair of NOS bushings on eBay.

The rear seat frame


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