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Stripped threads 29 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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Near side rear brakes

Painted hub in place

1st October 2006

Yesterday I assembled the rear brakes as can be seen above. My attempts at reassembling brake shoes on other cars had led me to dread this operation but having read the Volvo service manual it turned out to be quite easy after all. I also read the instructions on creating double flares which turned out to be quite simple if a little fiddly. So I made the brake lines for each side of the rear axle but left the fitting for today. Well the fitting of the new brake lines did not go well at all. The near side line, which is the shorter of the two, seemed to go OK and made me feel as if the job would be not too hard but the problems started with the offside line. First of all the junction block is very close to the differential meaning that the brake line has to bend up very close to the fitting which is not easy to do. Then as I was tightening the fitting into the brake cylinder it stripped the threads. This end of the line bent sharply close to the fitting and by the time I had cut off the flare I could not get the flaring tool and the fitting in the space so that meant making a new line during which I managed to forget to put the fitting on one end of the line before I made the flare. Fortunately I managed to cut the flare off leaving enough space this time for the fitting and flare tool. As I was fitting this second new line I noticed that there was a copper colour in the bottom of the brake cylinder hole. When I removed the old line it had sheared off the flare which meant the new line did not seat properly which was why it stripped the threads. So off came the hub again and I removed the cylinder from the backing plate and then I could dig out the flare and then put it all back together again. This time the fitting tightened up OK. Having been filled anew with confidence I decided to tackle the lines from the engine bay to the rear. I managed to reuse most of the junked rear line for the connection from the engine bay junction block to the proportioning valve without any major problems. Finally, or so I thought, I started work on the long line from the proportioning valve to the rear flexible hose. This also went relatively smoothly. Then I noticed brake fluid dripping from the off side of the rear junction block so I attempted to tighten the fitting and managed the strip the threads. So I cut the flare off, removed the stripped fitting and made a new flare, then cut that flare off, put a new fitting on and then made another flare. This was particularly galling as I did not want to disturb the brake cylinder end of the line so I did it in situ which makes a fiddly job even worse. I was still not happy with the seating of the lines in the junction block and after removal and carful checking it seems that I should have been using a shorter fitting without a lead in to connect to the junction block to get more threads in contact. I put the fittings I had in and tightened them gingerly to hold it for now and then went and ordered the correct parts.



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