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One screw missing 12 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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14th February 2009

I put the starter motor back in its place a couple of weeks ago but I have not tightened the bolts up yet. The prop shaft went in the same time as the axle and I tightened the big nut holding the centre bearing in place before I replaced the starter. I have not fitted the new nuts and bolts at each end of the prop shaft yet. Today I drained the coolant from the engine and removed the oil cooler. When I bought the car it had one screw missing from the valve cover and when I removed the oil cooler, there was a screw lodged behind it which I think must have been the original valve cover screw. On removal of the feed pipe I found the remains of an ‘O’ ring that had disintegrated and fallen into the oil cooler. I think I managed to get all the parts of it out. I have a replacement shorter oil filter spigot and the simpler bottom radiator hose without the extra connection from the oil cooler but I don’t have a good way to remove the longer spigot that is used with the oil cooler. Also I cannot find the blanking plate I need to seal off where the feed pipe attaches to the head so I may just refit the oil cooler for the present once I have given it a good flush. I found the alternator and voltage regulator I intend to use amongst my boxes of spares that I have bought, many ‘just in case’ but some, such as the alternator and regulator, were actually bought with a plan in mind.


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