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Popped right off 12 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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25th May 2008

I removed the rubber bump stops from the top spring mounts by the simple expedient of simply pushing on them with a foot, they popped right off. I then cut the securing bolt off with the angle grinder. I bought a range of brushes for my drill and grinder to tackle the rust and have been doing so on and off, even so the spring mounts are not easy to do at all. It occured to me today that I could simply (!) remove the exhaust for the moment as with the axle out the whole system can be removed as one piece without the need to spearate the constituent parts which woould be nigh on impossible due to age and rust issues. So I started trying to undo the nuts joining the manifold to the down pipe. I soon realised that this is not an easy job at all. I decided to remove the generator to get more access. I could either remove the bracket from the block or remove the generator from the bracket. The first way seemed easiest but when I undid one of the bolts I started to get a coolant leak so I then moved to the second method. I now had enough room to get some decent leverage on the two front nuts and so I promptly sheered them both off. The rear nut has been rounded off and I think is going to need a nut splitter to remove. It looks like there is some welding to be done on the chassis member here at the front despite (because of?) it being a patchwork of previous repairs.


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