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Sheared off 12 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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16th August 2008

I got the rear nut off with a nut splitter and then removed the manifold from the engine so that I could work on replacing the studs. I sheered off the last remaining stud even after freezing it and applying heat and oil. So I had to drill out the studs. I bought a set of left handed drill bits in the hope that while drilling the studs out the left handed action would encourage the studs to unscrew but no luck there. Two of the holes were rescued by running a tap down but the third suffered from having too large a drill bit used on it and needed a thread insert.While I had good access I replaced the braided oil pressure gauge line, the old one was in quite a poor state as the braiding had frayed at one end. I then noticed that one of the rings that locates the inlet manifold to the head was missing so I’ll have to source one of those before the manifold is replaced. I moved the exhaust out of the way and found that it separated from the down pipe quite easily. I then managed to disconnect the front box from the middle pipe again with surprising ease. The back box was so rotten that it would have disintegrated before coming off so I cut it free with a hacksaw, keeping the middle pipe intact. I removed all the studs from the head with no incident and cleaned up the mating surface where some of the old gasket had stuck. I should now be able to get back to sorting out the rear axle tunnel.


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