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Tin worm 21 February 2010

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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I pulled the bracket off the gearbox that is for supporting the exhaust, it had obviously been crudely bent. I straightened it up, repainted it and then refitted it. It is now orientated so that I can attach a bracket to the Simonz exhaust which will secure to this bracket. The only problem with it is that now it interferes with the cross member to support the gear box which will no longer fit in place. After some more intensive research I think the bracket was actually correct as it was, before I ‘straightened’ it. So now I need to source a bracket for a later car that should work for me. While I was under the car pondering on the bracket I removed some of the flaky underseal from the main frame rail that runs from the cross member that is under the drivers feet and on up the firewall into the engine bay. This revealed the true sorry state of it all, a patchwork of poorly done repairs that are all now rotten with tin worm. This will have to be sorted before the car can be driven again. I did refit the oil cooler with a new O ring to seal against the block but I seem to have lost the nut to secure it in place. For the moment I have another in its place, but it is too thick to be a permanent replacement. I also noticed a leak from where the smaller pipe enters the water pump, fortunately this should be easy to fix with the manifold currently removed and the coolant drained.