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Holey water pipes batman! 16 April 2010

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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I gave up on getting a later exhaust bracket as no one wanted to sell me one. Instead I just bent my original bracket back how it was and refitted it. I removed the freeze plug that was not fitted properly. It cracked very easily and so must have been rotten with rust. The replacement went home so easily that I decided to do the other three as well, they were all quite crusty as well so I was glad that I decided to remove them. Now I have one new fitted freeze plug and three empty holes waiting to have theirs fitted. I am going to try and flush out some of the crud that fell off the freeze plugs as they were removed before I fit the new ones though.

It looks like the Motorola alternator I bought 2nd hand late last year will actually fit OK with just a shorter bolt, no need for a spacer. At least that’s what the measurements I took tonight suggest. So now I have a plan to move forward with which is a big relief. Apart from actually fitting it I also need to source the correct voltage regulator. There are differing opinions about whether or not a Bosch regulator will work with a Motorola alternator but I think I’d like to have it correct.

Unfortunately while cleaning up the water pipe that goes from the head to the oil cooler, I found that it had a rust hole in it. As these are NLA new I asked Brookhouse Volvo to get me a good used one. Apparently they went through 5 pipes before they found me a good one.