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Dripping 29 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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24th March 2007

I had booked an MOT for 12:10pm today so at about 11:00am I headed out to the garage to start it up and get the battery charged. I used booster cables to hook up to my 240 to charge the battery for a while before I attempted to start it. I got the engine started on about the third attempt which was when I found that the clutch had seized again. I got the car out of the garage on the starter and let it warm up the engine while I had occasional attempts to unseize the clutch. It took quite a few tries before I finally broke it free and I did not have much time left before the MOT appointment. The MOT went fairly smoothly with just a headlight needing adjusting and an advisory for a seatblet beginning to fray. I did have a bit of a worry when I saw a liquid dripping from the car when it was up on the ramp but I eventually realised it was just the screen wash from the wipers test. So I now have a shiny new MOT certificate, the insurance and tax disc were also renewed last month so it is all road legal again. The pinion seal definitely needs replacing and sooner rather than later as there was quite a pool of oil from where it sat and dripped all winter. This is not an easy job as the torque required to undo the nut on the flange is quite high indeed, so you need a robust way to stop the flange rotating.