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Wrong thermostat! 23 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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11th July 2006

I managed to find a sheet metal place that let me have a couple of pieces of steel to make a new bracket from which I have now done. All I need to do now is paint it and then fit it, at least I hope so anyway. Well I may cut one or two corners off just to lighten it up a bit. On Saturday I flushed out the coolant system. I have not been happy with the cooling of the engine and it has been ejecting coolant from the reservoir bottle as well. I removed loads of rusty sediment and freed up the drain cock in the block. Despite the coolant being only a few months old it was in pretty poor shape so I filled up with new. I thought that this would have a good chance of curing it as I suspected the block to be full of crud. I could not flush it very effectively when it was stuck in the garage as I had no running water nearby. Unfortunately after running the engine for a while it started to eject coolant again. After some discussion on the 1800list it looks like I may very well have the wrong thermostat in there. This was fitted new when I was initially sorting it all out but as far as I can remember does not look like the correct one that I have now seen pictures of. So I have had a new thermostat delivered and will fit it as soon as the opportunity presents itself. If that does not sort it out then I will swap the water pump and have another go at flushing the coolant system when the old one is off. I have a new pump that I got quite cheaply on eBay a while ago.


Wrong pedal! 23 November 2009

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25th June 2006

I attempted to fit a modified bracket to convert to a brake light switch that works on pedal movement instead of the hydraulic pressure as at present. I thought I had it all in and lined up OK before I realised I had put it onto the clutch pedal instead of the brake pedal. So now I’m going to have to go and get some sheet steel and make a new bracket that will reach across to the brake pedal. Oh well you can’t win them all. I should have mentioned that I fitted new ducting to the defroster vents from the heater box a couple of weeks ago. That is a big improvement over the old rotted or aluminium or just missing ones that were there previously.

Out west 23 November 2009

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1st June 2006

It’s been a while since I updated this page and since I managed to do anything with the car. This is in part due to spending 10 days in California. I only mention this as I managed to meet a couple of 1800 folk that I knew from the 1800list egroup and also went to the swap meet at Davis. I met Mike Dudek from IRollMotors and also Gordon Craig who let me drive his 1800, which was a great treat. I took the car out for a quick drive today and then did a couple of small jobs that had been waiting a while. I replaced the short hose from the oil separator to the PCV valve which was cracked and also one of the ball joints in the throttle linkage that I managed to crack when I disconnected it while replacing the heater pipe. I have the brake switch kit from SWEM with an unbent bracket and it looks like it will work when bent the opposite way to a LHD car. I also noticed that the lower ball joint rubber boots were split and so the ball joints will need replacing.