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One screw missing 12 December 2009

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14th February 2009

I put the starter motor back in its place a couple of weeks ago but I have not tightened the bolts up yet.┬áThe prop shaft went in the same time as the axle and I tightened the big nut holding the centre bearing in place before I replaced the starter. I have not fitted the new nuts and bolts at each end of the prop shaft yet. Today I drained the coolant from the engine and removed the oil cooler. When I bought the car it had one screw missing from the valve cover and when I removed the oil cooler, there was a screw lodged behind it which I think must have been the original valve cover screw. On removal of the feed pipe I found the remains of an ‘O’ ring that had disintegrated and fallen into the oil cooler. I think I managed to get all the parts of it out. I have a replacement shorter oil filter spigot and the simpler bottom radiator hose without the extra connection from the oil cooler but I don’t have a good way to remove the longer spigot that is used with the oil cooler. Also I cannot find the blanking plate I need to seal off where the feed pipe attaches to the head so I may just refit the oil cooler for the present once I have given it a good flush. I found the alternator and voltage regulator I intend to use amongst my boxes of spares that I have bought,┬ámany ‘just in case’ but some, such as the alternator and regulator, were actually bought with a plan in mind.


Plastic bowl 29 November 2009

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12th May 2007

The saga of the pinion oil seal continues. I ordered the new seal and was then a bit concerned as it did not look like the one that is currently installed but it turns out the design was updated so that is OK. A couple of weeks ago I made the counter hold lever from some angle iron and had a go at undoing the nut. I couldn’t shift it so I put a jack under the breaker bar. This then bent the angle iron and one of the bolts tore out of its hole. I tried again the next day with a bit more metal separating the bolt holes on the angle iron from the edge but it had the same result. I am now the owner of a new DeWalt cordless impact wrench and will try again at some point. Last weekend was a meeting in Basingstoke, primarily for Amazons but all Volvos were welcome and so we took the 1800 along. It was the only 1800 there which quite surprised me. Unfortunately the engine started to sound a bit rough during the trip there. It did however get us there and back OK. Oh well, something else to fix I guess. There was a missing clip on the passenger side headlight bowl which meant that there was no way to secure the chrome trim ring in place although it was reasonably firm fit. I did however decide it was time to fix it so I ordered a replacement plastic bowl from Amazon Cars and have just fitted it.