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Drip stopped 13 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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24th October 2009

Well the gear box drip seems to have stopped. Maybe I just didn’t clean up properly after changing the seal. I certainly hope so. Last weekend I bought some parts from a guy living not too far from me. A NOS hand brake cable, a pair of original arm rests and an alternator. Of the arm rests, the passenger side is not split while the driver side is barely split at all. I’ll have to see if I can do anything to prevent it getting any worse. I have decided to refit the oil cooler so I bought a new O ring to seal it to the block, it may need a coat of paint though. I also sourced a plug to fit on the remote regulator for the alternator but I could only find that from Dave Barton who is in the US. I could have just used three separate spade connectors as most people do but I felt like doing it properly. The main charging feed cable is threaded around the front of the car and awaiting fitting of the alternator. It looks like the rebuilt alternator I bought a couple of years ago is a Motorola unit and should have come with a spacer to get the pulleys to line up correctly. I am going to space it out with some washers until I sort something better out. The alternator I bought last weekend came with a cranked adjusting bracket which is the part I most wanted, the alternator itself is a bit dubious having sat unused for quite a few years and is another Motorola unit so no help in the correct fitting stakes.

Today I spent most of the time fitting the rear half of the Simonz exhaust I bought a while ago. The rearmost rubber hanger was tough to get on. The body bracket seems to be too large a diameter for the hole in the rubber. I had to use a ‘G’ clamp to force it on. There are reports of this part failing prematurely, but stronger alternatives are easily available so it is not a big deal. I spent a while considering how to fit another bracket from the fitting kit. however it turns out that it is for very early cars and is not applicable to mine. I did however find that there is a bracket attached to the gearbox that has been bent out of the way which I will have to straighten. It is clamped in place by the gearbox support bracket so will be a bit of a pain if I have to remove it to straighten it as it will mean supporting the gearbox while the support is removed and that is going to make access difficult.

I need to sort the oil cooler out next as that must go on before I can refit the manifold. I also need to decide if I am going to fix that freeze plug before I refit the manifold. I need to fit the manifold before I can finish the exhaust and I need to finish the exhaust before I fit the alternator as it impedes access to the manifold to down pipe nuts. I’m also going to fit two new hand brake cables. One of the current ones has a completely perished rubber seal and although that could be replaced, I’ll be happier with a new cable.


Clunk 13 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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1st October 2009

Well I fitted the rear wheels as intended but as I rotated them back and forth I noticed a significant clunk each time I reversed the direction of the wheel I was working with at the time. Thinking that the replacement axle was in fact junk I started to strip it all out again and was intending to refit the original axle. I was pretty upset about this and wasn’t really thinking it through. I also went off and ordered a new pinion oil seal to fit in the old axle. Anyway after I got a good way through the removal process I realised that the clunk was actually coming from the gear box and not the axle. So I had to tighten everything back up again. I adjusted the brake shoes so they are close to the drums. The car is now sitting on all four wheels again, something it has not done in over a year. Things still left to do include, tightening propshaft bolts to gear box flange, centre carrier bolts tightening, starter motor bolts, new exhaust, finish alternator conversion and associated rewiring and then refit the manifold. Doesn’t sound too much when you say it quickly now does it? Trying to ignore the drip from the gear box where I replaced the oil seal on the output shaft, ho hum.