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Splashes 23 November 2009

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8th May 2006

Well it rained on Saturday but I did manage to get the car out for a short ride on Sunday. The fixed seats are great; I am no longer straining my neck to see over the front of the bonnet. More rust removed and replaced with splashes of grey primer. I am going to have to get a full respray done I think as I am realizing that all the paint is in fact beyond salvage. I am just a bit reluctant to do it yet as that will mean taking it off the road while I remove the exterior trim and lights, bumpers etc. There is plenty of evidence of a respray being done in the past and I think something went wrong with it. I may try and get it done over next winter.


Going up in the world 23 November 2009

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Passenger seat before fixing

Driver's seat after fixing

14th April 2006

I got the seat support kits fitted with some help from someone on the 1800 list. They took some careful alterations and additions in order to get them to work well. I refitted the seats in the car today and although I have not driven it yet I did notice that I could no longer see the back window in the rear view mirror let alone see through it. It has obviously improved things no end. I also started attacking the paint work but did not get very far as my drill battery ran out of charge very quickly. I have a paint stripping disc that I am using in the drill, it seems to work quite well. I just hope that the drill is up to it.

Defeated, at least for the moment 23 November 2009

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10th April 2006

The seat support kits that I ordered from the states arrived on Friday and I tried to fit them on Sunday. Unfortunately they have defeated me so far. All the wires that attach to the side are the same length and as the seat narrows from the front to the back, they end up being too tight at the front and too loose at the back. I’m checking with the supplier to see if I’m doing something wrong or if my seats are unusual. In the meantime the seats are stuck by the radiator in the sitting room. I also removed the grill and surround in preparation for some rust removal and repainting. There is a patch there that had some generic white paint slapped on and it is showing rust coming through. Some more tools came up on eBay from an 1800 toolkit but they sold for ridiculous amounts of money.

Collapsed seat 23 November 2009

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17th February 2006

We picked up Olaf from the welder yesterday. It had even passed the MOT. I drove it home which was a bit nerve wracking as it was dark and in London and I had never driven an 1800 before. My ability to see out was somewhat impaired by the collapsed seat which didn’t help. I will be renovating the seat supports as a matter of urgency I think. Both the tachometer and the speedometer seemed to be working and reading reasonable values which is good as I thought at least the tachometer was not working previously. Unfortunately the fuel gauge did not register the petrol that I put in and I thought I had checked that out already. In the preparation for the MOT some lights were fixed, the rear brakes were done as the linings had come adrift on one side. Then the spark plugs got fouled just before I picked it up. The mechanic did a quick tune up on the carburettors as they were very rich and fitted new plugs.