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Painted mounts 29 November 2009

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23rd September 2006

The support arms are back in the car which took a bit of fiddling to get the bolt holes lined up. The shock absorber mounts got painted during the week and the shock absorbers are now in and I have sanded down the brake drums in preparation for painting them. The spring supports will probably wait until I do the springs which will be at a later date. I am getting impatient to drive the car again. If I have enough time tomorrow I will paint the brake drums and sand down the rest of the axle but that may be a bit optimistic.


Cleaning up 29 November 2009

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16th September 2006

OK the rear brake fitting kit includes the correct number of those caps, it was just that my car was missing the ones from the inner ends of the springs. The support arms got painted last weekend and the new bushings fitted. I spent half the day today cleaning up the rear brake backing plates etc and then painting them. I also painted the axle end mounting points for the support arms. The body end mouting points just got a spray of undercoat. I bought a pair of genuine Volvo rear shock absorbers which I will fit once the support arms are back in place and can hold the axle in check. I think new springs may be on the cards but not yet although I will clean and paint the lower supports when I change the shock absorbers.

No gap 14 November 2009

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26th November 2005

My order from CVI arrived yesterday, a heater valve gasket, a fusebox lid, some rubber buttons and some hosing for the defroster vents. Today I flushed the engine cooling channels out with some clean water and re-installed the heater housing. I still cannot definitely work out where the sensor is supposed to enter the housing, there is no sign of the gap that I am told should be there, nor is there any soft putty in evidence either. I shall use a hole that is in the front of the housing in approximately the right place, just next to the air flap, this has the advantage that I didn’t have to install the heater housing and heater valve as one unit as would be needed where the sensor tube to be sandwiched in a gap between the two halves. I also recreated the hard fuel line from the tank to the engine bay although I am not happy about securing the line where the flexible hose will join it to go to the fuel pump, there is no obvious clip so it is unsecured at the moment. The shock absorbers from Ebay also arrived yesterday. I ordered a replacement choke mechanism from Tony Barrett yesterday as well. While working on the fuel line I have discovered serious corrosion in the passenger side sill and front chassis member. This is no great surprise, but disappointing nonetheless.