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A new start 21 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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10th December 2005

I put in new spark plugs and started the engine today. It sounds pretty good considering it has not been run in a number of years. It would not idle however. The clutch did not disengage with the pedal so it still cannot move under its own power but I hope the hydraulics just need bleeding.


Blanks 21 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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4th December 2005

On Friday I managed to find a locksmith with blanks for the ignition key and the petrol flap. On Saturday I changed the oil and filter as well as fitting the new tank air hose. The sump plug had been put on without the copper crush washer and so was very tight. The oil filter was even more difficult to remove, my nylon strap wrench started to break so I had to resort to stabbing it with a screwdriver and using that to unscrew it. I also removed the air filters and tried the chrome ones for size, they fit well enough apart from the outlet for the breather tube which fouls against the casting for the choke cable on the front carburettor. If I use the rear carburettor instead then it should be alright but I am not sure about the routing of the breather tube to ensure it does not interfere with either the throttle linkage above or the needle holder below. After removing the spark plugs I tried turning the ignition key and the engine turned over very smoothly with no nasty noises apparent. I have sourced some shorter bolts (which I still had to cut down) for the chrome air filters and bought a gallon of petrol ready to put in the tank. I am hoping that the order from GCP will arrive soon as it contains the gaskets for the air filters. I may well drill the third mounting hole in the chrome air filters (they come with only two drilled by default) as well as blocking off the unused breather hole (both filters have one).