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Bleeding brakes 13 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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26th July 2009

I fitted the rear brake backing plates with the new gaskets. I just cleaned up the seal carriers and used them as is for the moment. I then connected up the brake pipe to the rear brakes and removed the clamp that had been on the flexible pipe for about 18 months. I left the joints loose for a week and found brake fluid oozing out when I went back to it today. For good measure I bled the rear brakes out with fresh fluid so they should be good to go now. Unfortunately the dripping brake fluid has taken some of the paint off so I’ll have to touch that up soon but otherwise I am about ready to refit the rear wheels at least long enough to tighten the castle nut on the axle end and then adjust the brake shoes so that they will be close to the inside of the drum as they should be. When disassembling the axle one of the torque rod bolts was very stuck and I used a blow torch on it. This slightly burned the rubber piece that locates the lower spring mount. I bought a pair of these rubber pieces on eBay and replaced the burned one today as well. I jacked the axle up and then put spring clamps on the spring, then lowering the axle again took the pressure off the mount enough to change it over. This was all a bit nerve wracking as I don’t like working with suspension springs under tension but went OK in the end.


Rust flakes 12 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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14th March 2008

Since my last update of these pages I have removed the old axle and painted the new axle and lower spring mounting cups. I have bought a set of new springs which will be fitted on reassembly. I also started to attack the rusty top spring mounts. While under the car I could not help but notice all the rusty bits that have crept under the under seal. So while the axle is out of the way I resolved to tackle that as well, at least the bit of it that will be difficult to reach once the axle is refitted. So far all I have managed to do though is to shower myself in rust flakes that went down my arms and neck. This is going to be quite a job, I just hope I can get it done before next winter rolls around again.