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New boots 23 November 2009

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2nd June 2006

I took the car to have four new tyres fitted today, Toyo 330s size 165/80/15 which is the stock size. I wanted to see how the car felt in it’s designed form before I make too many changes. The tyre place were a bit uncertain if the wheels would take tubeless tyres but all was OK. Apparently the valve holes are larger than normal but fortunately they had some valves on hand that fitted. It had been pointed out to me that the rear wheels were wider than the fronts and in fact this is so. The rears are 5.5J15 whereas the fronts are 4.5J15. I think the 5.5J15s were standard on some Amazons. There were no balance weights on previously and there was quite a vibration at 60mph but that has now gone. We had been having a little problem with getting the passenger seatbelt to lock in position properly and I found out that was due to the mechanism being put together slightly wrong and I fixed that today. I also changed all the sway bar bushings including those on the link rods. The link rods were a pain as the spacing tube had corroded in place and required some heat from a blow torch and some not so gentle persuasion from a copper mallet before they would come off. I used polyurethane bushings that I had bought on eBay a while ago. While at the tyre place I noticed that a bolt on the front cross member was not tight, it was showing three or four threads. This is where shims can be fitted for gross wheel geometry adjustments but of course there are none there now and I have no easy way to know if there should be any or not without getting a full diagnosis done, which I will try and wait until after all the front end suspension work is finished before I get done.

Spotty Olaf

Polyurethane bushings installed


Film 23 November 2009

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18th March 2006

I managed to find an excuse to take the car out for a little spin last weekend as well as today. I’ll have to get new front tyres soon as the ones on there are cracking a bit from age and sun I think. For the insurance to get agreed value cover I have to provide some photos taken on a 35mm camera as digital ones are not acceptable. So I bought some T-cut and today I removed the worst of the rust stains from the driver’s side where rusty water from the doors had left tracks on the paintwork. I also dug the hub caps out of the garage and put them on. Then I had to dig out my old SLR and put a film in it. I finished the whole film on the car so I could send it off for developing. Unfortunately as it is real film I can’t put the photos up here yet to show it in its present state. Most of the paintwork is still a mess, rust bubbles, chips and assorted marks and the bumpers are still rusty. Speaking of bumpers I got a set from eBay that are actually correct for the year. They need a fair amount of work to sort them out before fitting though as they are also pretty rusty and they had to use a gas torch to cut the bolts off to get them apart. I also bought a pair of door mirrors and fog lamps from eBay. I know I should finish off sorting out the paintwork and the engine before I do anything else but I’m a sucker for a bargain.