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Zerk fitting 29 November 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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20th December 2007

The replacement axle feels better to me so I fitted the new pinion seal to it. Now I just have to do the swap! I have also done the universal joints in the prop shaft. These caused me quite a bit of concern as they seem very tight when put back together. However the two ones I did first have eased up nicely and I assume the last one will as well. The first time I put the first UJ together it was tight and I undid it to check it which meant cleaning it all out and regreasing it. It went back together just the same but eased while I did the second. I ended up doing the third one twice as well due to getting it 90 degrees wrong which meant that the zerk fitting was fouling the arm on the prop shaft. The new centre support bearing and carrier is in place, that all went easily having undone the big nut while the prop shaft was in the car. I just need to put some fresh molybdenum sulphide grease on the sliding joint and fit the new protective bellows and the prop shaft will be all set to refit. However before that goes back in I’ll need to do the axle swap and also change the oil seal on the output of the overdrive as that is also leaking. The OD flange should not be as hard as the differential except for the fact that you can’t get tools on it directly as there is not enough room before the prop shaft tunnel starts.