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Clunk 13 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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1st October 2009

Well I fitted the rear wheels as intended but as I rotated them back and forth I noticed a significant clunk each time I reversed the direction of the wheel I was working with at the time. Thinking that the replacement axle was in fact junk I started to strip it all out again and was intending to refit the original axle. I was pretty upset about this and wasn’t really thinking it through. I also went off and ordered a new pinion oil seal to fit in the old axle. Anyway after I got a good way through the removal process I realised that the clunk was actually coming from the gear box and not the axle. So I had to tighten everything back up again. I adjusted the brake shoes so they are close to the drums. The car is now sitting on all four wheels again, something it has not done in over a year. Things still left to do include, tightening propshaft bolts to gear box flange, centre carrier bolts tightening, starter motor bolts, new exhaust, finish alternator conversion and associated rewiring and then refit the manifold. Doesn’t sound too much when you say it quickly now does it? Trying to ignore the drip from the gear box where I replaced the oil seal on the output shaft, ho hum.


Shims 13 December 2009

Posted by elfringham in volvo.
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10th April 2009

I have cleaned up the shims that set the end play on the rear axle. There are some either side and they fit behind the brake backing plates. I also cleaned up the spacers that go in front of the backing plates but in the process of removing the gaskets that sit either side of these spacers I damaged the paint on the backing plates. So I touched that up but now I need to get new gaskets. I also need to decide what to do about the seal carrier as they are a bit rusty, I’m just not sure what the best way of finishing them will be. Last week I continued on removing the insulating tape and then the braided cloth covering as well from the wiring loom that went to the generator. This loom runs from the generator, through the front bulkhead and along above the radiator before passing back through the bulkhead and back along the nearside wing, past the fuse box and on round to the starter motor. Curiously enough I found some disconnected wires in amongst the others. A couple of these could well have been to drive the second horn which seems to have been rewired at some point using additional wires. I’ll join those horn wires into the harness to make it a bit neater there. I think I’ll use cable ties to keep it tight around the points where wires join/leave and then the spiral binding to keep it neat.